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We at Sahaniya Technologies Pvt. Ltd. offer you the following templates to choose for your website. We will add all the advanced options like slide menus, header flash, image gallery, video player, bottom flash, language converter etc. as per the membership plan selected by you.

Sample No-1

Sample No-2

Sample No-3

Sample No-4

Sample No-5

Sample No-6

Sample No-7

Sample No-8

Sample No-9

Sample No-10

Sample No-11

Sample No-12

Sample No-13

Sample No-14

Sample No-15

Sample No-16

Sample No-17

Sample No-18

Sample No-19

Sample No-20

Sample No-23

Sample No-24

Sample No-25

Sample No-26

Sample No-27

Sample No-28

Sample No-29

Sample No-30

Sample No-31

Sample No-32

Sample No-33

Sample No-34

Sample No-35

Sample No-36

Sample No-37

Sample No-38

Sample No-39

Sample No-40

Sample No-41

Sample No-42

Sample No-43

Sample No-44

Sample No-45

Sample No-46

Sample No-47

Sample No-48

Sample No-49

Sample No-50

Sample No-51

Sample No-52

Sample No-53

Sample No-54

Sample No-55

Sample No-56

Sample No-57

Sample No-58

Sample No-59

Sample No-60

Sample No-61

Sample No-62

Sample No-63

Sample No-64

Sample No-65

Sample No-66

Sample No-67

Sample No-68

Sample No-69

Sample No-70

Sample No-71

Sample No-72

Sample No-73

Sample No-74

Sample No-75

Sample No-76

Sample No-77

Sample No-78

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We respect your budget and your dreams. We customize our services to your budget to help you realize your vision.


We endeavour to provide 100% satisfaction to our clients, or else refund your amount. We value our clients and promise long-term return on investment.


Hire us as your own IT team and leave rest on us. We will handle your IT department like your in-house team.

Clients say

"Sahaniya team provides support and advice as if they are my own IT team. They are handling my website and other online services brilliantly. Thanks to Sahaniya Team."
Mrs. Gurmeet Kaur Punjab
"100% satisfactory services… I never feel like I am dealing with an external IT company. I hope our partnership grows strong with every passing year. God bless Sahaniya family members."
Er. Veer Bhan Singh Uttar Pradesh